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Corporate Partners

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Technology companies consistently put pressure, threatening established corporations and the way of doing business.​

We partner with Italian corporations and build a layer that connects the old way of doing things with the new.

We call this layer a venture affiliate program.

Every successful company has a "thing". Our "thing" is to give the ability for our corporate partners to sell modern capabilities into their customer base. They have customer trust, we make sure they have the right product at the right time.  

If your goal is to become one of the major players, you have to take riskier bets. If it does pan out, it is going to be very impactful. You have to think about portfolio construction.

We shape corporate strategy, and foster commercial affiliate relationships with rapidly growing global technology companies, and a distinct collaborative opportunity using a Joint Venture model - transforming investment from a cost centre into a profit centre. As a result, we attract key talent.

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