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Giancarlo Giglio

Chairman & Founder

About Giancarlo Giglio

Giancarlo was one of the co-founders and CEO of Datamat, a successful system integrator based in Rome, Italy. Datamat became the exclusive distributor of Oracle relational databases in Italy. In 1990, Datamat acquired Fulcrum Technologies, a Canadian company specializing in Information Retrieval technologies. In 1993, Fulcrum was listed on the NASDAQ in the USA. 

The scouting activity for new technologies to introduce to the Italian market allowed Datamat to develop specific skills in Asset Management, Document Management and Knowledge Management. In addition to Oracle and Fulcrum, Datamat introduced Edify and BusinessObjects in Italy.

In 1993, Datamat spun out Oracle and sold the division to Oracle Italy. 
In 2007, Elsag and Datamat combined to give birth to Elsag Datamat and merged to form Finmeccanica Group. In 2017, Finmeccanica became Leonardo, one of Italy's largest companies.

Giancarlo is a former officer of the Italian Navy.

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