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Marco Janeczek

CEO & Founder

About Marco Janeczek

Marco spent time with L-SPARK (a WesleyClover family office-backed accelerator) and led the scouting of early-stage technology companies and fundraising activities. L-SPARK portfolio has raised over $60M+ of Venture Capital and Angel money and recorded a handful of successful exits. These include Upchain (Autodesk), HeyDay (Hootsuite), LevelJump (Salesforce) and Hangry (Transact). The experience at L-SPARK exposed Marco to various business models, including product and distribution expertise. And most importantly the understanding of the Power-Law. 

Marco enjoys helping founders and investing angel-style via Infinite Ventures, a privately held holding company where he participated in several technology startups. The portfolio has raised over $30M and recorded several exits, including K-Ops (Stack), Groove (Microsoft) and Cybeats (Relay Medical). Marco is also the founder of Moonshots Development, a deep-tech venture builder located in Italy. Before L-SPARK, Marco held roles at H-FARM, PAT (now Zucchetti), Zooppa, hatchbrands and other technology companies.

Marco was born in Poland, grew up in Italy and Canada and has a passion for technology products, executing distribution agreements and fast-forwarding time. 

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